About to Study Law and Looking to Start an Internship? This Article Can Help.

It doesn’t matter if this is your freshmen year or you are nearing the end of your senior year, if you want to hit the ground running straight out of college with a secured position at a reputable legal firm then you will want (if not need) to complete an internship. Like it or not.

To help you make the best choices when you are researching and choosing your internship, pay attention the following considerations.

There Is Not Bad Time to Do It…But

There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing when to complete an internship.

On the one hand, if you complete it closer to the beginning of your studies then you will get a realistic view of what you are potentially getting yourself into once you leave college. This can be useful if you are either doubting whether you are following the right educational path or it can give you experience which you may have the opportunity of benefiting from during the course of your studies.

However, completing your internship closer to the end of your studies also has its perks. Namely, employment opportunities. As great as you may be when you start college, a law firm simply can’t hire you for another four years at a minimum. If you are nearing the end of your studies and graduating is closing in, however, then the chances of your internship firm making you an offer of employment are significantly higher.


What to Wear to the Interview

Given that the position can appear as a casual one, many would-be interns arrive at an interview wearing casual clothes, expecting to walk into the position thanks to their entrance scores. However, it is important to always remember that a law firm is still a business, and as is the case with any business, it’s Human Resources who are going to be conducting your interview.

For this reason, it’s important to show your respect for the interviewer by wearing appropriate and smart attire. While this doesn’t mean that you have to completely suppress your personality or personal style and flair, it does mean swapping those hipster style glasses for some professional contacts at the Groupon Coupons page for 1800contacts. The same tip applies to any tie choice you may make; Save the neon colors and superhero characters for when you have the position.


What Should You Know?

Once you have chosen when you will be undertaking your internship and you know what you will be wearing, it’s time to think about the interview itself. Remember, as the tip above mentioned, this interview is going to be conducted by a member of the firm’s Human Resources team. For this reason, it’s important to prepare with items such as:

  • Learn about any recent landmark cases which the firm has handled
  • Learn the firm’s win/loss rate
  • Understand the history of the firm and its partners
  • Think about previous experiences you have had which could directly benefit the firm
  • Consider what personal aspects you bring to the role which no other candidate can bring

While you won’t be expected to know the specific details of each individual case, it is likely that you will be asked questions which are designed to find out how much you know about the firm, its history, and its expertise.

Of course, there are more than three items to consider when deciding on an internship, however, these three can get you off to a good start deciding on your future.