Must know things about law support

Do you have any inventions, ideas or techniques you intend to protect? If so, you will need a decent law support in order to prevent counterparts from using your possessions illegally and infringing upon your rights. Nowadays there are a great many specialists who are ready to provide you with law support, that’s why when the time to choose comes, you may be in two minds. We have rounded up some top things, by considering which you will be able to come up with the correct decision.

1. First of all define the category to belong to. The table below is to help you understand the basic categories which are granted with special rights to a variety of intangible assets for a specific period of time.

2. Study the criteria to register a patent. Strictly speaking, there are 3 basic criteria, according to which you may decide to register a patent:

  • Your invention must be new, thus, it shouldn’t be publically available before you have the first patent filed. As for filing the patents, it is either up to you to do that or you can have an intellectual property lawyer to do it on your behalf;
  • The idea of the invention shouldn’t be obvious for the general public, especially for those people, who have expertise in the area of the invention;
  • The invention is patentable only in case it functions and performs the functions properly.

3. Define which kind of law support you need. Actually there are two kind of services you can be provided with:

Prosecution – you need this kind of support if your task is to file the patent application;

Litigation  – it is all about enforcement of existing patents through patent infringement cases.

As you can see, if you determine your basic needs and outline the requirements bluntly, you will get the overall idea of the kind of support you need. If you are ready with requirements, you can find all lawyer jobs here.